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Ali Diali (France)

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Ali Diali

Edsik (France)

Edsik At the age of 15 DJ Edsik starts to practice turntables with early techno sounds. Living with a collective of party promoters/artists, his road cross the one of pioneers such as Liza n'Elias, Christian Voguel, Angel Molina or Laurent Garnier. Fastly he fall in love with Big Beat & Breakbeat, the sounds of the London producers complete his influences. Listening is not enough, it’s time for Edsik to start building tracks on a groovebox.
In parallel and through studies and friends he meets, DJEdsik discovers Hip Hop and starts playing in parties. Later he becomes a member of Bastion Soudé ; Edsik keeps on working on music and composed with the crew some instrumental stuff for the studio. Graffers from the Felon Crew appreciate his groove and introduce it in one of their video, Woodentricks 1, which is distributed all over Europe. Finaly, it’s Drum n’ Bass which fits perfectly with Edsik mood. He sees the light during an Ed Rush & Optical Dj set, the perfect compromise between Hip Hop & Electronic musics. Collaborations and bookings in Spain, Belgium and France and also mix tapes with Dj Boulaone on scratchs make his name travelled. Machines and computers skills of Edsik get more précised and permit him to produce tracks in a wide variety of genre : Dnb, Hip Hop, Ragga ... full of inspiration and feelings. Recently he takes part in a Franco African project focused on political matters through rap. Moreover Edsik throws numerous events with his crew in the North of France

Nueve Millas (Argentine)


Anno Domini Beats (UK)

Anno Domini Beats The most diverse producer in the game...

AD aka Anno Domini is a 23 year old underground hip hop producer straight out of Munich, Germany (currently holding down Nottingham, UK). Anno Domini productions are all about coming with that next level music, a mix of original sounds and samples with styles ranging from dirty horrorcore to bumpin street anthems, right down to RnB club joints. Gotta be diverse in this game! Be sure to check out the official website ( for a big selection of constantly updated beats and holler for collabos or just to share your two cents. For all official label releases and to buy rights to beats online head to

Hip-hop Domain (France)

Hip-hop Domain est un projet collectif dont le but est de fournir des instrumentaux de hip-hop aux gens qui ne peuvent pas faire leurs propres compositions, soit parcequ'ils ne savent pas le faire, soit plus simplement parcequ'ils n'ont pas les moyens de le faire (matériel, argent, etc...). Nous fournissons ces morceaux "tel quel", ils sont soumis a une licence qui permet a peu près tout les usages possibles, la seule vraie règle est de citer le nom de l'auteur si vous utilisez sa musique pour votre projet.

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Foniké : Projet documentaire et musical en Guinée Conakry